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Based in Chicago, Shelton Solutions, Inc. has provided individualized efficiency management consulting services to clients of all sizes since 2004.  We are a growing, certified minority- and women-owned business serving the public and private sectors.


Our Services

We provide energy management and waste management consulting services to a wide array of clients.  Whether you need a better understanding of why your energy or waste bills are so high, or you need to decide which efficiency project to do first, or you need a better understanding of your purchase options, Shelton Solutions can help you.

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Why Benchmarking is Important

Benchmarking compares your usage, spend, process or performance metrics to similar businesses. It also compares to industry bests and best practices. In efficiency management, benchmarking helps to support the selection, planning and delivery of projects and programs. Benchmarking is important because it paints a picture of current conditions and allows for better tracking of progress and results. 

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Efficiency Update

Many clients are quite efficient in many ways and quite inefficient in other ways.  Even after energy upgrades and recycling programs, there can still be ideas and new developments to help improve processes and performance.  Efficiency Updates is where you will find tips, tricks and stories that can be useful as you take efficiency to the next level. 

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A Team of Experts

With over 25 years of experience in efficiency, our President has developed a team of uniquely positioned and qualified experts to meet your needs. From Professional Engineers to Certified Energy Managers to Credentialed Waste Management Specialists, the Shelton Solutions team is smart, passionate and dedicated.


We could not have been as successful in accomplishing all that we have in the areas of budget management, energy invoice validation, reporting and performance tracking had it not been for the diligent efforts of Shelton Solutions, Inc.

— Large Governmental Client



Outdated energy management plans and untracked waste disposal practices can result in overspending.

A plan to optimize of your plans and practices can result in savings – both time and money!  You save the time you would spend understanding and explaining how the budget was exceeded.  You save the money you would spend when costs skyrocket due to inefficiencies.

Most organizations can achieve annual energy savings of 2-10% through better energy management and some have even seen as high as 60% savings.  Healthcare organizations can reduce the amount of general waste found in regulated medical waste and save 10% in disposal costs.

Let us tailor an individualized solution to take your efficiency to the next level.


What Our Clients Say


"I truly appreciate the consistency, intellectual rigor and integrity that you have brought to this relationship"

- Large Local Government


"I am pleased to work with a partner who embodies our core values of "Professionalism, Resourcefulness, Service and Structure."

- Mid-Size Manufacturer


"Shelton Solutions provides us with a peace of mind knowing that our energy bills are being validated. We work as a tag team and their customer service creates a positive work environment. It is always a pleasure to work with Shelton Solutions!"

- Large Transit Authority