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Energy Invoice Validation and Correction

Making sure you don’t pay for the invoicing mistakes of your energy providers

Our Energy Invoice Validation and Correction process is systematic and comprehensive.  Current rates and agreements are reviewed for content and actual invoices are compared to the calculated results.  Errors are identified with the utility and/or supplier and the process is tracked until corrections are made and associated credits or refunds are received.  Recommendations for modifications are also provided.  In cases where a different rate will result in savings, oversight is provided until the correction is complete.

Energy Procurement Advice and Budget Preparation

Knowing current price conditions can be as important as future price indicators

Our Energy Procurement Advice and Budget Preparation address both the present and the future.  Different suppliers provide pricing information is different forms.  Having sound, experienced, objective advice helps you wade through the complexities that make comparing and decision-making difficult.  Forecasting can also be cumbersome because both usage and pricing must be taken into consideration.  We put all components of procurement and budgeting on a level playing field so planning and selecting are no longer complicated.


Energy Benchmarking, Reporting and Tracking

Knowing where you stand and complying with local ordinances

Our Energy Benchmarking provides a measurable comparative lens to help understand how average similar facilities perform.  Many municipalities require buildings of a certain size to submit benchmarking reports on an annual basis.  We can handle this for you.  In addition to measurement and the avoidance of fees and citations, benchmarking also sets a starting point for assessing the impact of upcoming energy projects and usage changes.  The best way to know how much you’ve improved is to have a clear measure of where you started.